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We are a family-owned business, with family in mind. Honey Do Pest Control prides ourselves in giving customers peace of mind when dealing with uncomfortable pest situations. We also will give our customers a “Honey Do” list of things that will help keep their home and property Pest-Free. Our customers can take on the “Honey Do” list themselves or have us take care of the various repairs or services for them at a reasonable and fair price. This list could range from cutting back overgrown shrubs from the home, addressing the causes of standing water around the foundation of a structure, or even how to properly store a woodpile to ensure you aren’t inviting termites into your home or structure. We do interior and exterior treatments for all ranges of pests. We have a rigorous cockroach treatment program as well as an extensive and thorough bedbug treatment program. Termites can cause severe, and sometimes irreparable, damages on a home and that’s why, at Honey Do Pest Control, we give the customer everything they need to fight back. From Inspection to Correction we will arm you with the knowledge to prevent termites from taking over your home. 

-Kireen McRill, Owner of Honey Do Pest Control

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Let us protect you from what's bugging you

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